Sivan-Tammouz-Eloul 5779

Shabbat services 

  • Shabbat hours for Aix en Provence here
  • Friday night services at 7 pm (summer hour) – usually with Yohanan (Tefila) and Alexis (drasha) until and including June 28th – then summer break, services resume on August 30th
  • Music and songs on Friday, June 21th at 6:45 pm with Yedidiah and the children from the Talmud Torah
  • Saturday morning services at 9:30 am with Yohanan and Alexis on June 15th, Yedidiah on June 22th
  • Parashiot by Yedidiah  (in French) on our website and – along with those by rabbis from Massorti France –  here


Children’s Berechit from 10 am to 12 am with Michal, for children and young apart from Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation. Please contact us for the dates and any information:

June 9th: Shavuot readings and brunch at our venue – Please contact us for the dates and any information


 Jewish holidays, politics and other news commented by Mr Kirschen in his DryBones blog !


  • From September 25 to October 2, 2020
    • Shabbat and High Holiday services: please check the french page 
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