Ideology of the Masorti community
The seven core values of Masorti judaism

The Masorti movement stands for an accurate view of judaism, which is outlined as follows.

1 – Tradition and modernity

The Masorti (Conservative) movement constitutes one ofe the three mainstreams of contemporary Judaism. World famous rabbis were its founders in the 19th century, and promote it nowadays. Its purpose is to combine fidelity to tradition and opening up to modernity, according to the the biblical formula used by the Talmudists to steer the Law.

The Masorti (Conservative) movement starting point is that Judaism never was a confined system, and that accounting for the surrounding reality did not necessarily result in failing of the Jewish identity or betrayal of its values. On the contrary, it proved to be most fruitful, and in many cases necessary.
2- Thoroughness and flexibility in practising the commandments of the Torah
The Masorti movement considers the Halakha (the legal system of the oral Law based on Talmud) and the high discipline it requires as a vital key component which defines the observance recommended by Israel’s Torah. This loyalty is built on the conviction that man’s spiritual realization is at stake in his efforts to put the ritual as well as moral mitsvot (Divine Mandates) into practice.
The Masorti movement considers that the new socio-historical contexts must be taken into account, by finding adequate solutions thanks to the own dynamic of the  Halakha system, which allows changes in habits.
3 – Study of Torah and freedom of conscience
The Masorti movement considers the study of Torah as a fundamental duty. As Talmud teaches it, this alone matches all others commandments. That being said, the Masorti movement sees freedom of conscience and speech as a fundamental and inalienable right. It therefore admits pluralism and incorporates the use of modern and scientific methods into the interpretation of traditional texts. It encourages the free inquiry of ideas and standards, and respects freedom of opinion.
4 – Tolerance and solidarity
The Masorti movement aims at tightening the links between Jews throughout the world. Without seeking to minimize differences with other trends, it intends to sustain fraternity and look beyond partisan quarrels.
5 – Jewish identity and humanism
The Masorti movement is against assimilation, because it wants to preserve Israel’s human and cultural heritage, in diaspora conditions.
To be Masorti is to be both religious and a layperson, to listen both to our tradition and the world.
6 – Women representativeness
As traditional judaism requires it, respect for the person implies in particular respect for women.
7 – Zionism
The Masorti movement emphasizes the central role of land and State of Israel in contemporary Jewish life. it has always supported the Zionist movement and the efforts to integrate new immigrants. It hence aims to promote the study and practice of Hebrew language, as well as Israeli culture.

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