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We have a good collection of books, CDs and DVDs of Jewish interest which can be borrrowed.  A list of the books is set out below, as is the method of borrowing them.  If you have books you would like to donate, or books you would like to borrow, please make contact with us.

The classification of books, CDs and DVDs

The books are arranged by category and then alphabetically (by author).


Jewish texts (TX) – Primary Sources. (Warning, some of these texts are not available for home loan) Please refer to the catalogue. Jewish Thought (PJ) – interpretation of primary sources, philosophy, etc.. Jewish history (HJ), Israel (IL) – covering various aspects of Israeli society, Shoah (SH) – works whose main theme deals with the Holocaust. Jewish Education (EJ) – works centered on Jewish practice. Literature (RO) – Literature by Jewish authors, Israeli and Jewish issues dealing. Youth (I) – Children and Youth – generic. Youth Festivals (JEF) – works for children and youth on Jewish holidays. Youth Stories (JEC) – Tales of traditions and Jewish sources. Young Israel (I IL) – works for children and youth in Israel. Dictionaries (MI) – Dictionaries and teaching Hebrew. Jewish Music (CDJ) – CDs Jewish or Israeli music. Classical music (CDC) – CDs of classical music.


The first two letters (uppercase) represents the category to which the book belongs. Two or three letters are the first two or three letters of the author. If we have more than one book by the same author, there is a number after the letters of the author.

To borrow a book / CD / DVD

Fill the register of loans with the date, title of the book, its code and name. The loan period for books is 4 weeks (maximum), and is two weeks for CDs and DVDs.


Place the crate in the “Returns” and do not forget to include the return date in the register of loans, next to your name. Thank you! Want to comment or share ideas? A book has been donated? Want to share new books? Leave them in the “Returns” box with your name, they will be connected, coded and put into circulation!

Consult the catalogue here




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